Large Painted Tile Mosaic

A new trend we’ve noticed, and are falling in love with, is the usage of numerous, vibrantly painted tile to form a large-scale mosaic. While large, painted tile is nothing new in the San Fernando area, the change is the stark contrast seen in the tile. While using the same brightly painted tile throughout the design still looks old, the slight adjustment in using compatible colors to form a larger design is not only striking, but unbelievably stylish.


As San Fernando’s home for everything related to floor tile, we love the new trend for what it is. The vibrant and exciting look showcases the true potential that floor tiles have and shows us the future of what they have to offer. With materials becoming ever more affordable, many homeowners are choosing a tile floor that looks exactly like hardwood, which is as interesting as it is practical. Imagine their surprise when the neighbors embrace their own floor tiles for their ability to transcend the appearance of wood floors with a vibrant design; this trend is exactly that design.


This works because homeowners are opting into neutral colors throughout their home. With many moving towards whites and greys throughout the home, contrast becomes a major necessity to not have a “washed out” look. Nothing says contrast quite like unanimously large painted tiles made for a beautiful mosaic of various patterns, colors, and styles. Whether you are looking for an entire interior flooring concept or a brilliant statement piece to greet guests in backyard patio space, this look has the potential to wow just about anyone, anywhere. Consider using only the tiles in small areas, like around a firepit, on a patio, or in a small, “quilt-like” area, or use a neutral “filler” color for larger, entire home areas. This will keep eyes interested in the tapestry, and allow individual tile designs to shine more.


If you’re looking to do something different with your flooring, strongly consider the painted tile mosaic. Whether you’re willing to take the plunge or not, you’ll find plenty of incredible floor tile options to round out any San Fernando home at Transworld Tile. Get in touch with us online or stop in today for assistance from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Large Painted Tile Mosaic