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American Tiles In A Northridge Tile Store

Adex USA

When you hold a tile from Adex USA in your hand, it becomes apparent that the company is at the top of its game. This might be unsurprising when you learn that the company was founded in 1897, and it has spent well over a century refining its production processes to achieve impeccable results.

The company’s history means that the name-brand recognition of Adex USA in Northridge, CA, will certainly endure. Though the company was founded in the ceramics hub of Castellón, Spain, it has since embraced the U.S. to become a favorite supplier of American tile in Northridge, CA.

To buy Adex USA is to embrace and preserve a time when tiles were produced by families for their friends and neighbors. That legacy lives on in everything Adex USA does, and we are exceedingly proud to carry the company’s phenomenal designs at our tile showroom in Northridge, CA.

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