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From a great selection of tiles from world-renowned tile brands to excellent customer service – our tile store in Northridge has you completely covered if you are looking to buy tiles for both residential and commercial use cases. You can shop from our tiles collection from a variety of styles and designs that are sure to soothe any tastes. From porcelain to ceramic to glass tiles, our offerings are sure to leave you completely satisfied with your purchase.

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Adex USA
Miami, FL
In finding the ideal middle ground between fashion and function, Adex USA has been able to consistently exceed all expectations for residential and commercial tiles. Inviting designs, brilliant colors, and sublime finishes all combine at an American tile company that is well-deserving of its outstanding reputation.
Agora Surfaces
Culver City, CA

Agora Surface is an American company that deals with the marketing and designing of tiles for public, residential, commercial, and industrial use. The company was founded in Los Angeles, California and currently has its headquarter in Carson. It distributes porcelain, ceramics, mosaic and terrazzo tile as well as onyx, limestone and marble stone tile and serves the continental North American market. Our tile store in Northridge has the best selection of Agora Natural Surfaces tile in the California area.

Anaheim, CA

AlysEdwards is an American tile manufacturing company based in Anaheim, California. Priding itself in the quality of its ready-made artisan tiles, the company also emphasizes its commitment towards expedient order delivery and excellent customer service. Aimed towards the glamorous customer, AlysEdwards has you covered if you are looking to inject some more style into your space through tiles. You can buy AlysEdward tiles at our tile store in the California area.

American Olean
Lansdale, PA

A well-established company, American Olean is an residential and commercial tile manufacture and distribution company. The company was set up in 1923 to handle the delivery of tile products under its brand name to the North American market. Subsequently, the company has gone on to amass a network of outlets all over the United States as well as a nationwide network of dealers. Its eponymous collection can be found all over the US, including at our tile store in Northridge.

American Universal
Santa Ana, Japan
Originating from Japanese culture and customs, each Japanese tile that American Universal imports and distributes is a perfect representation of the country’s unique design sensibilities. The company has a dominant presence in the importing of porcelain tiles, which are available in a multitude of colors and sizes.
Anaheim, CA
In renovating an interior space or bringing your dream pool to life, Aquabella has dazzling American tile to fulfill any stylistic desire. The company’s porcelain, glass, and mosaic tiles draw on international influences for a colorful, attractive finish that homeowners will fall in love with.
Architectural Surfaces
Austin, TX
Former Pental Surfaces. Architectural Surfaces in an American tile company mostly focused in the western part of the country. Founded in 1999, the company has since expanded greatly and become one of the largest distributers and importers in the western United States. The company now has hundreds of options of tile and stone slabs, with each being of the highest quality and durability. Visit our showroom today and look at our options from Architectural Surfaces!
Arizona Tile
Tempe, AZ
American tile can come in all types of designs, colors, and effects, and there is perhaps nowhere where this is more evident than at Arizona Tile. In selecting the finest examples of tiles for their expansive selection, the company has curated an unbelievable selection for transforming residential and commercial spaces.
Gardena, CA

Based in California, ARTO is an American tile manufacturing company that has storied origins. Founded in 1966 by an Armenian born Arto Alajian, the company has gone on to establish a reputation for high quality, unique bespoke designs that are sometimes made-to-order according to customer specifications. Through its factory in Southern California, the company receives and delivers thousands of orders monthly all over the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone
Fresno, CA

Bedrosians Tile & Stone is an American company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of a variety of tiles - including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone for indoor and outdoor use. With 40 branches located throughout many states with a national and international customer base, the company has established a country-wide network of service availability. We have a rich collection of their products in our tile store on Northridge.

Charlotte, NC
Utilizing raw quartz minerals to produce countertops that transform any space they’re incorporated into, Caesarstone is a leading producer of American tile and surfaces. Nonporous, easy to clean, and heat and scratch resistant, the quartz surfaces produced by Caesarstone can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications.
Cambria USA
Eden Prairie, MN
When it comes to innovative quartz countertops and surfaces that are engineered for durability, Cambria USA stands out for superior performance. The American tile company utilizes craftsmen right here in the United States to produce majestic quartz surfaces that instantly enhance the sophistication of any kitchen or bathroom.
Cepac Tile
Chatsworth, CA

Operating a slightly different business model from the industry, Cepac Tile is an American company specializing in the importing and distribution of porcelain mosaic tiles from Japan. With its headquarters in California and Texas, the company is one of the continent’s largest mosaic tile distributors by volume. Our tile store in Northridge has a wide selection of Cepac Tile.

Cosa Marble
Hackensack, NJ

Cosa Marble is an American company that specializes in the wholesale distribution of marble, limestone, and onyx tiles, mosaics, moldings, and other interior and exterior decorative stone pieces. With physical locations in California and New Jersey, the company focuses on satiating the demand for its products within the continental United States and delivers throughout the country – from East to West coast. Looking to buy it? Visit our tile showroom in Northridge today.

Country Floors
New York, NY
Drawing its inspirations from countries all around the globe, Country Floors invites homeowners and business owners to reconsider what an American tile is capable of. Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and decorative tiles are all produced in impressive quantities by the company to ensure that there’s always a design for you.
Crossville, TN
Crossville has it all when it comes to impeccable build quality and selection of materials and styles. Ceramic, glass, natural stone, and porcelain have all been incorporated into the American tile company’s wide-ranging catalog of products. With an assortment of applications, designs, and colors, your ideal Crossville tile awaits.
Dallas, TX

DalTile is an American tile manufacture and distribution company based in the southern city of Dallas, Texas. Owing to the vast number of tile variants, designs, and use cases, the company has established a strong reputation as one of America’s most popular tile brands. Whether for residential, commercial, or public space use, you can buy DalTile from our tile store in Northridge.

Almería, Spain
Dekton, a premier Spanish tile brand, is loved by many for offering an ultra-compact stone in a diverse range of sizes, thicknesses, colors, and textures, from ultra-glossy to matte and velvet finishes. Perfectly suited for walls, floors, and countertops, Dekton stones create a seamless and continuous space that effortlessly combines functionality with exquisite design.
Dulcet Tile
Placentia, CA
Standing out among the prestigious American tile manufacturers, Dulcet Tiles presents a diverse collection of tiles that elevate any room’s aesthetic. At our store, we provide the ideal solution for many design projects by offering a huge selection of tiles and mosaics. Whether revamping a kitchen, enhancing a bathroom, or beautifying an outdoor space, our selection meets all design preferences and requirements.
Dune Ceramics
San Juan De Moro, Spain
There’s a thrill in being original, and homeowners and business owners that seek Dune Ceramics have been able to create some of the most spectacular spaces the world has ever seen. The Spanish tile company is always adding to a selection already overflowing with floor, wall, and mosaic tiles.
Anaheim, CA

Founded in 2009 with its corporate headquarters/distribution facility in Anaheim, California, Elysium is an American premier manufacturer and nationwide distributor of mosaics and porcelain tiles. From their 120,000 square foot facility, the company distributes thousands of unique tile variants all over the United States. Especially proud of its unique mosaic tile designs, the company crafts mosaic designs using a multitude of materials including ceramic, slate, marble, etc.

Florida Tile
Lexington, KY

Florida Tile is an American tile company started in Lakeland, Florida that manufactures wall and floor tile across the United States. Its main manufacturing facility and center are located in Kentucky, allowing the company to access the entire country easily. The company creates ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and many more tiles in different styles. To purchase product from Florida Tile, come to our tile store today!

Fujiwa Tiles
Anaheim, CA
Homeowners and contractors alike have been choosing Fujiwa Tiles for decades thanks to an impressive selection of pool and spa tiles. By selecting and distributing only the most captivating of mosaic tiles, the American tile company ensures that a stunning remodel can be achieved with ease.
Glazzio Tile
Brooklyn, NY
There’s a natural splendor inherent in all glass tiles thanks to the material’s reflective qualities, though rarely is that beauty more apparent than in Glazzio Tiles. The American tile company excels in crafting original tile designs and incorporating singular colors that take full advantage of glass’ stunning qualities.
Gonz Decorations
Whittier, CA

Gonz Decorations is an American importer and distributor of luxury, artisanal, hand-made ceramic and porcelain tiles. The company has its head office in California but operates a widespread network of dealers all over the United States. With the USA as its core market, Gonz Decorations boasts a selection of uniquely Mexican-inspired tile designs for all kinds of residential and commercial use cases. Its Talavera Mexican ceramic tile designs are to die for!

Happy Floors
Miami, FL

Happy Floors is an American tile company that mainly handles the import and distribution of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles in the United States. The company has since leveraged its more than 25 years of experience into a burgeoning business with products that are heavily sought after by consumers all over the country. As a result, Happy Floors has become a go-to purveyor of high quality, affordable home, and commercial use tiles. You can buy Happy Floors in our tile store in Northridge.

Jeffrey Court
Norco, CA

Jeffery Court is an American tile company that was started in 1991 with only hand-made tile. Soon, the company and its tile grew in popularity, known for its quality and durability. With its headquarters in California, Jeffery Court has a wide reach to provide beautifully styled tile to customers all across the country. Its high-quality materials include ceramic, glass, porcelain, terra cotta and natural stone. To see tile from Jeffery Court for yourself, come to our tile store today!

Lunada Bay Tile
Harbor City, CA
Specializing in handcrafted tiles that are available in a generous selection of textures and colors, Lunada Bay Tile indulges in Southern California influences. The popular American tile brand is an innovator when it comes to producing ceramic, concrete, and glass tiles that combine modern aesthetics with traditional practices.
Lungarno Ceramics
Carrollton, TX

Lungarno Ceramics is an American importer and distributor of ceramic, porcelain, glass, and natural stone tiles and mosaics. With its corporate headquarters in Carrolton, Texas and distribution hubs in New Jersey and Anaheim, California respectively, the company enjoys a consolidated distribution structure across the contiguous United States. With its Italian-Inspired tile designs, Lungarno places a high degree of emphasis on pleasing aesthetics and appealing textures.

Marazzi USA
Sunnyvale, TX
For a “Made in the USA” tile that is guided by the designs and advanced production techniques that Italy is known for, Marazzi USA is a popular choice. The American tile company crafts tiles that are resistant to heat, moisture, and scratches for both interior and exterior use.
Marble Systems
Fairfax, VA
Renowned for its natural stone collections and unique surface finishes, Marble Systems is a respected brand that has been featured in a myriad of successful projects. Perfect for luxury homes and commercial properties alike, the American tile company has become a reliable favorite for the world’s leading architects and developers.
MS International, Inc.
Orange, CA

The very symbolization of the American dream, MS International is an American tile distribution company that was founded by humble Indian immigrants into the USA in 1975. By volume, it is now one of the largest distributors of porcelain and ceramic tiles in the entire United States. Accommodating a multitude of use cases, the company makes tiles for floors, walls, as well as countertop applications. You can purchase MS International products in our tile store in Northridge.

Murrine Mosaics
Harbor City, CA
There’s a dreamlike quality to Murrine Mosaics, and stepping into a bathroom or kitchen that has been redefined by the company’s tiles is an experience like no other. The American tile company’s unique collections harness the pure grace of glass to create brilliant, shimmering tiles that always inspire.
Oracle Tile & Stone
Anaheim, CA
It’s all about selection at Oracle Tile & Stone. The American tile company oversees an ever-changing assortment of marble, travertine, onyx, and more to offer innovative solutions for residential and commercial spaces. In addition to exclusive designs, the company offers both field tile and mosaics for ultimate customization.
Ottimo Ceramics
Anaheim, CA

Ottimo Ceramics is an American tile importer and distributor based in Anaheim, California. The company deals a wide range of products including glazed and unglazed ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles as well as mosaics, accents, backsplashes, and other home decor pieces. A tile and stone company by specialization, it is one of the premier distributors in the Anaheim area.

Pan American Ceramics
Hayward, CA

Pan American Ceramics is an American tile Distribution company based in California. Established in 1982, the company now has warehouses in Northern and Southern California as well as an inventory consisting of goods sourced from all over the world – including countries like China, Mexico, Spain, Paraguay, and many more. The company sells tiles for a variety of use cases and applications, including residential and commercial use.

Villarreal, Spain
Achieving a sense of luxuriousness is not simply a goal at Porcelanosa, but a way of life for the Spanish tile company. In developing daring tile solutions for upscale living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens, the company has redefined what contemporary architecture is truly capable of.
Raphael Porcelain
Lodi, NJ
Raphael Porcelain is an American tile brand and an industry leader in manufacturing large format porcelain tiles. Raphael Porcelain caters to diverse spaces, including floors, walls, and countertops in commercial, residential, medical, and industrial settings—both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s a classic porcelain tile or a modern porcelain slab, Raphael Porcelain brings excellence to every surface.
Raphael Stone
Leonia, NJ
Raphael Stone takes American tile excellence up a notch. Products are available in multiple finishes, thicknesses, and sizes for maximum customization, giving all designers the freedom to explore their own style. Each product is thoroughly tested for quality at a modern production facility where performance is heralded above all.
Roca Tile
Barcelona, Spain
Kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces can all be revamped with ease with one of Roca Tile’s outstanding designs. The approach to modern and contemporary design that Spain is known for is evident in every one of the tiles that this Spanish tile company provides for homes and businesses.
Coral Gables, FL
Silestone, an esteemed American tile brand, offers a low-silica mineral surfaces crafted from premium minerals and recycled materials. As a leading brand, Silestone inspires designs for kitchens, bathrooms, and home surfaces. Our showroom proudly features a diverse range of Silestone products, including bathroom and kitchen countertops, floor tiles, cladding, and shower trays.
Surface Art
Kent, WA
At Surface Art, every surface is an opportunity to add a touch of grace and elegance to the world. This is accomplished through a staggering variety of ceramic, porcelain, and glass American tile options, including seamless representations of travertine, quartz, marble, and numerous other high-quality materials.
Berkeley, CA
Bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are just a few of the spaces that Tile Shop has graceful tile solutions for. The design possibilities are nearly endless when you choose the American tile company for your renovation, and you can rest assured that the high-quality tiles will establish timeless elegance.
La Palma, CA

Unicorn is an American tile importation and distribution company headquartered in Anaheim, California. The company specializes in stone, glass, and metal tiles for residential and commercial floors and walls. Alongside their headquarters in Anaheim, the company also runs a distribution center in Dallas and sources its inspired tile designs from an international network of tile manufacturers.

Los Angeles, CA
An innovator when it comes to quartz surfaces and countertops that harness the splendor of the natural world, Vadara is known for its creative designs and expert craftsmanship. The American tile company specializes in enhancing residential homes and businesses with unmatched artistry across a variety of colors and styles.
Castellon, Spain
There are no limits when planning a renovation with Wow’s superior ceramic tiles. The company consistently pushes the limits of ceramic production, taking great pride in forging new paths with the latest tile technologies and production processes. The result is a dependable and superbly designed Spanish tile you can trust.
Zen Paradise
Goleta, CA
Rarely does a company’s name match the founders’ vision and aspirations more than Zen Paradise. Inspired by water, plants, and exotic locales, the American tile company is centered on a mission to bring the natural beauty of Indonesia into homes and businesses throughout the United States.