Looking For Backsplash Tile Ideas? Consider Yellow

While the title of this blog may shock you, we are 100 percent serious. Based on the current trends in kitchen cabinetry, flooring, and countertop surfaces, it is safe to consider yellow kitchen backsplash tile. To understand how we arrived at this conclusion, it is first important to understand the current trends in kitchen design, the reason behind the ideas, and why we believe that contemporary design style is re-creating “classic.”



If you’ve been involved in a kitchen remodel, are planning one, or have seen a kitchen on television or in person that was done in the last two years, then you’ve no doubt seen white – And plenty of it. White cabinets, white countertops, white kitchen backsplash tile, maybe even whitewashed brick or wood accents. Everyone has become white-obsessed, a trend that will undoubtedly wane somewhat in coming years (when is anyone’s guess). There is one thing that will remain, however, and that is the reason that white kitchens became so prevalent in the first place: The “light, airy, open” look. Today’s homebuyers and builders are doing away with the boxed-in, walled-off, and segmented living spaces of the past, choosing instead to have light, airy, open living spaces.

So, why white? That’s simple, white is bright.


Grey seems an odd choice, considering the current trend of light, airy, open, but in fact it isn’t. Grey shakers, accents, and even exterior home painting has become increasingly common in the past few years, growing in momentum as the desire for open space grows. The reason for this is simply that grey shines in rooms that already have plenty of light. See the trend yet? White is great, but it is oftentimes too bright in areas that feature a skylight, plenty of windows, or prominent lighting. With painted white being the standard, simple wood colors are out, black is a no-no, and many aren’t brave enough to opt for another vibrant color. So yes, grey ends up being a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and even trend-worthy option. Plus, these looks are often paired with white accents, for balance and contrasting brightness; look for white subway tile and countertops in any kitchen with grey cabinetry.


If grey and white make sense thus far, where on earth does blue come from? Blue is a simple, striking choice for this exact motif, but only in certain shades and tones. It is important to note that when we say blue, we are referring to warm and cool shades of navy blue. Imagine the most vibrant blueberry you’ve ever seen and the color of navy dress uniforms and you have the range we mean. Small, precisely chosen blue provides unmatched contrast to both white and grey, though especially white. These blues also happen to look good with reclaimed wood, another trendy attachment used to dial back the sterile feeling created by the brightness, making blue even more versatile for current tastes.


What do all of these colors have in common? Yellow. This may sound astounding, but in a kitchen with grey or white as the base, regardless of a blue accent color, a yellow kitchen tile backsplash can still look amazing, tie the elements together, and, yes, even help add to the light, airy, open feel. Think about it, the entire idea behind contemporary style is to increase the lightness and openness of rooms, what better way to do that than the color associated with sunshine? Best of all, bright spaces look larger and more luxurious, regardless of future tastes, making a kitchen with these colors much more likely to stay valuable and desirable. 


Contact Transworld Tile, your source for Thousand Oaks’ next tile trends, online or in person today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you in selecting the perfect tile for your next project, even if that means catching you off guard with a color recommendation that may not immediately make sense. Don’t worry, if yellow still isn’t right for you, we have plenty of other options for your design ready.

Looking For Backsplash Tile Ideas? Consider Yellow