Avoid Carpeted Bathrooms

Whether you’re buying a home or remodeling your current home, whatever you do, avoid a carpeted bathroom. The host of problems associated with a wall-to-wall carpeted bathroom is as numerous as it is disturbing. If you’re considering a home purchase with carpeted bathrooms, be sure to build in the cost of (immediate or future) replacement of the entire floor and subfloor into your purchase price. If you’re renovating a current bathroom with carpeting, avoid replacing the flooring with a fresh carpet at all costs, for reasons you will soon understand when you remove the old carpeting.


Even the cleanest homeowners will get their bathrooms wet in a number of ways. Bathroom tiles are such a popular option for most San Fernando homeowners due to their moisture resistant properties. Carpeting does not share this trait, and yet is exposed to the same moisture-creating elements. Things like:

Water splashing from sinks, tubs, and showers

People dripping after a bath or shower

Condensation accumulating on the flooring during steamy showers

Males also tend to add to the “moisture” when using the toilet

All of these forms of moisture are simple to clean for homeowners with bathroom tile flooring, yet impossible to clean for those with carpeting. Moisture instead settles in and gets absorbed instead of evaporating.


Wall-to-wall carpeting was a desirable design feature for homes built in the 1970’s, and was often accompanied by sunk-in tubs and other antiquated features, yet many carpeted bathrooms still exist across America. Even if homeowners take extreme care to keep moisture away from the bathroom floor (most do not), the carpeting and underlying pad will inevitably collect and retain moisture. As you may have guessed, this becomes an incredible risk for costly mold and mildew growth, the spores of which can rapidly make you and your family ill while reducing your home’s value. Even without this, the pad under your carpet will act as a sponge for as long as it can, before eventually deteriorating, leaving you with little-to-no subfloor cushion or subfloor protection.


Head into Transworld Tile, the area’s premier source for home bathroom tile. Whether you’re looking for porcelain, ceramic, or glass, we have all the bathroom wall and flooring tile you need to replace that outdated bathroom. Regardless of the tile you choose, any option will be far more sanitary and appealing than wall-to-wall carpeting.

Avoid Carpeted Bathrooms