Bathroom Tile Accents

Since the introduction of tilework centuries ago, ceramic tiles have been used by craftsmen to create beautiful tile floors, walls, and ceilings. Although ancient cultures often used tiles in their religious artwork that adorned palaces and temples, contemporary uses are most commonly kitchen and bathroom tiles. While modern American households have changed their style preferences over the years, one design aspect continues to be prevalent, and that is the use of colorful accent tiles.


Whether you prefer porcelain tiles or glass tile, bathrooms are predominantly decorated using matching patterns and colors of tile to create a unified look. However, that does not mean your bathroom floor tiles have to be the same as your bathroom wall tiles. In fact, blending styles and colors can create gorgeous looks that range from the soothing to the dramatic. For example, using a small repeating pattern on the walls, such as Tozen glass tiles,  can be offset with larger tiles on the floor. Additionally, floor patterns can be accented with variations and patterns can be created with complimentary colors. A popular example would be to use lighter shades such as white or cream colors in combination with shades of blue which generates a cool, soothing look.


One great place to add some splashes of color is in your shower. While you may have already decided on your bathroom wall tiles, changing the pattern for the shower can have stunning results. And in order to be certain you do not end up with too many patterns that create a clash, the expert design team at Transworld Tile will help you throughout the entire process.

From soothing and relaxing to stunning and exciting, Transworld Tile can design the perfect bathroom for you. If you need inspiration for your bathroom tile project, check out our Project Gallery today.

Bathroom Tile Accents