Slate Flooring

Stone flooring has been a part of civilization since the beginning, but that does not mean that your San Fernando floor has to look or feel like a cave. In fact, contemporary stone flooring utilizes tile in a vast number of ways. In fact, some floor tiles are actually made to look like wood floors! With so many sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and finishes of stone tiles available on the market today, we wanted to take some time on the Transworld Tile blog to discuss one of the most popular floor tiles today: slate flooring.


Slate tile flooring provides a number of benefits, but one reason many people use stone tiles in the bathroom and kitchen that are made of slate is because slate is not very porous. The stone itself does not absorb liquids at the rate of other stone tiles, such limestone. While it is possible to apply sealants over your tile flooring in order to provide more protection, customers who are seeking a more natural looking stone flooring often choose slate.


In addition to being a great choice for kitchen tile, slate flooring can also be used in covered exterior applications such as outdoor breezeways and patios. With the combination of sizes and colors available, your San Fernando home can have a beautiful exterior tile flooring that has the rustic appearance while still exhibiting class and style. Stone flooring allows for a continuation of the outside world into your domestic home which creates a balance many of our floor tile customers want to incorporate into the design of their tile projects.

When it comes to slate flooring, Transworld Tile has the variety you want and the knowledge to know where to use it. Check out our Project Gallery today for some inspiration, and contact us online if you have questions about slate flooring.

Slate Flooring