What Tile Size Is Right For My Kitchen Flooring?

A question we get asked a lot at Transworld Tile is, what size tiles are the best? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer this; if there was, we would only carry one size of kitchen tile! However, there are a couple of design guidelines that can help you decide which size tiles are right for your San Fernando home, and most of these are determined by the where in the kitchen you are placing your tiles.


Kitchen floor tiles have to stand up to spills, stains, and heavy foot traffic which means they need to be durable and easy to clean. Additionally, kitchen tiles that are capable of hiding small bits of dirt are preferred which is why natural stone tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Stone kitchen flooring will have slight variations in style and color which helps camouflage bits of dust and breadcrumbs between cleanings. However, when it comes to tile size, the answer lies within how big your kitchen is. If you have a small kitchen, slightly smaller tiles will give the visual feeling that more tiles are needed to cover the floor which allows your kitchen to feel bigger than before.


While we have previously covered subway tiles as an option for kitchen backsplash tile, many people like to compliment their floors and backsplashes with kitchen wall tiles. Again, though, the rule of thumb for these kitchen tiles depends on the size of your kitchen. Smaller spaces often look best with smaller tiles.

If you still can’t decide what size tiles to use in your kitchen, our design team can help you through the decision making process to determine which kitchen tiles are right for you. Contact us online to get started on your new kitchen today!

What Tile Size Is Right For My Kitchen Flooring?