8 Tile Ideas You Cannot Miss

You may already have subway tiles or simple stone slab tiles on your mind for your next home renovation project, whether it be your bathroom, kitchen, or otherwise. But did you know there are dozens of tile options when it comes to finding the perfect style? That’s right! You don’t have to go searching the globe for the best tile for your home. You can easily contact Transworld Tile or stop by our showroom to discover dozens of tile styles to fit your specific needs.

 In this article, Transworld Tile will be sharing eight tile ideas you cannot miss, even if you don’t plan on renovating your home. These are the types of ideas you want to keep on hand in case you, a friend, or a family member needs some advice. They’ll thank you immensely.


Patterns, styles, decorations, and more all determine the type of tile you choose. So how do you find the perfect tile for your home? You can spend all your time searching “kitchen tile designs” or “bathroom tile designs” online, or you can explore these eight tips:


Often, we think wildly colorful tiles are the way to “spice up” a space with character. In fact, you can choose to go with the classic black and white and get the same “spice” you’ve been looking for. It does not mean you cannot add a splash of color with accent pieces like a vase or cabinets, but the black and white look is a solid tile choice for the rest of your space.


Use tile to surround your shower or bathtub. This will give your bathroom an extra element that most won’t expect. Also, this tile surround method adds the look of luxury without the high cost of expensive materials. Some examples of this include continuing the floor tile up the face of the tub or tilling the wall behind the tub something other than white.


In your kitchen there is much more space than your bathroom. You will be playing with light and other elements to make the space feel like home. One way you can add some character and the look of luxury is to tile the island. For most, the island is simply more cabinetry, but it can be tiled to be a “centerpiece” to the rest of the kitchen. You can also choose to style only the seating area so that you gain durability and are able to make a stylish statement.


Connect with antiquity and install a floor tile inset in your bathroom so that you have a tile “rug” to enjoy. Roman bath houses and more used this method to add depth to their pools and other spaces. You can do the same in your bathroom with a tile inset. What’s more, this style gives your home spaces the air of luxury and sophistication they deserve.


Do you have a plain bathroom? Do you want to add some drama to the space? You can add a two- or three-tile-wide vertical stripe. This tile method will add just enough drama to make a statement and liven up your bathroom but won’t overwhelm the space with too much color. Add some luxury to your bathroom and add a tile stripe.


When the pros talk design, it’s all about the details. Like a painter, the long, sweeping strokes lay the foundation for the rest of the painting. The details like the trees, rocks, or rivers are what make a landscape painting so beautiful. You can do the same with your bathroom tile.

 Look for areas where your tile ends and it doesn’t have a cap or “end” piece to finish the tile. You can add a metal trim cap can add a sleek finish.


You can do the opposite of the trim tile advice from point number six above and go with rough edges. The hexagon shape is quite popular when implementing “rough” edges. The diagonal edge of the hexagon make them slightly more difficult to install, but they will give you a great design style to contrast the smooth edges in the bathroom or kitchen.


Utilize tiles as you normally would in the square or rectangle shape; however, you can find textured tiles to liven things up a bit. A textured tile offers depth and contrast to the smooth, modern tiles you may already have installed or plan to install in your bathroom. Also, textured tiles give a space the designer polish that raises the aesthetic to the next level.


When it comes to tile, whether floor, kitchen, or bathroom, Transworld Tile is your expert serving the Thousand Oaks area. Come by our showroom to discover the best tile for your home renovation project, or give us a call to explore our wide selection of tile options.

8 Tile Ideas You Cannot Miss