Pros And Cons Of Slate Flooring

If you’re looking for a tough, durable floor that carries the same inspiring effect as staring out at a mountain range, slate flooring is the material for you. Not only is it tough and reliable, but it’s also awe-inspiring to look at. It’s a great material to use in your kitchen, living room, or foyer, but you will want to know as much about it as possible before installing. As you do your own research, consider the pros and cons Transworld Tile shares in this post about slate floor tile. Ready to shop for slate now? Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, or San Fernando, give our showroom a call today. Otherwise, read this article to learn more.


Cost: The expense of purchasing slate flooring can be a hurdle for most. It’s an expensive material, but it will last for decades to come. If you can afford it, slate flooring is worth the investment.

Maintenance: Slate flooring is known for being moderately time-consuming when it comes to maintenance. You need to keep it clean and attractive looking with routine care.

Grout Lines: The grout is the most vulnerable component of your floor. Slate is a solid, durable flooring material. As it grows and shrinks due to temperature, the grout flexes with it, which can mean creating gaps and integrity failures along the grout line. As long as you keep up with your grout, slate flooring will last you a long time.

Clefting: Slate flooring is compressed together horizontally to create the tile structure you’re familiar with. However, this process of compressing can leave uneven edges across the surface, which can be sharp if not finished properly.

Temperature: Slate flooring is known for being “cold” when it comes to floors. It is a natural material that does not hold heat well. This may be a con for you, or it may be a pro. This depends on your flooring preferences.


Durability: Slate flooring is extremely durable and will last you decades.

Style: Your slate flooring will look like none other in the world, with it’s unique style and design due to it being a natural material. The veins will offer an attractive pattern you and your guests can appreciate. Value: Slate is considered upscale flooring, and most of it has a grade A rating. Installing slate can increase home value, especially in bathrooms or the kitchen.

Color: With slate, you will have a variety of solid multi colored patterns that you can choose from. In essence, each piece of slate is unique with its own veins, colors, and more.


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Pros And Cons Of Slate Flooring