How To Choose The Best Home Renovation Company

Home renovation isn’t always about hiring the most cheapest company; it requires specific detailing and planning to the point of each hour being assigned to completing a project. You want only the best when it comes to your home renovation, especially if you’ll be installing floor tile in your San Fernando, Los Angeles, or Thousand Oaks home.

Granted, you may be able to find a trusted home renovator at a great price, but you need to do your due diligence whilst searching. So how do you find the best renovation professional for your project? In this article, Transworld Tile will share how to choose the best home renovation company for your project.


Two primary goals prior to starting your renovation project should be of utmost importance. The first is determining what you actually want to renovate. The second is your budget to complete the project. Once you have these two items, you can begin your search for a home renovation company.


Start with your vision. What do you want out of your renovation project? Do you want new floor tile, kitchen countertops, bathroom amenities? It all starts with your vision. Most homeowners know when a space is not working for them, and they also know they need to do something about it. However, it’s tough to sit down and actually do all the research to find the space renovations that fit their lifestyle the best.

This is where simple notes like wanting a bigger space, better traffic flow through the room, or a more central focus in the space help your designer and renovation team make your vision a reality.


Depending on how far along you are with your renovation vision, you will need to hire a set of team members to get your project finished. You can go directly for a general contractor, but most contractors will not have the eye for design that a professional designer will bring to your endeavor. So unless you know exactly what you want, consider hiring the following renovation team members in this order:

·         Financial Planner

·         Designer (Interior or Exterior)

·         Architect

·         Design-Build Firm

·         General Contractor

Remember, this is a general idea to give you a direction to move toward. Your renovation project may need all of these members, or it may only need one. This is for you to determine based on what you need.


Although these are professionals in their field, you want to interview your favorites before you hire them. Have them come out to your home — or visit them in their office — to interview them. You want to see how they feel to you. Present your vision to them and pay attention to how they answer. Do they think you can achieve this vision within the budget you’ve allotted? Here are some more questions:

·         How long have you been in your specific industry?

·         Do you have recent references I can call?

·         Can you show me your portfolio?

·         Do you have renovation companies or partners you would recommend I interview?

·         How would you renovate my space? 


Not only do you need to set a budget before beginning the interview process, but you need to be open to that number changing as you discuss your vision with renovation experts. Remember, you want them to quote you first. If you give a number, and it’s higher than what they would charge, most contractors will simply say that the number you’ve given will work and move forward.


Ask your interviewees for some alternatives to your renovation project that would achieve the same outcome but with a different route. This could mean updating your kitchen cabinets instead of the floor. Be open to suggestions and consider the cost-savings or expenses depending on the options you’re presented.

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How To Choose The Best Home Renovation Company