The Best Water Resistant Bathroom Tile

From bathing ourselves to giving our pets baths (much to their chagrin), our bathrooms are used to being wet. Even though we may try to keep the water inside the shower or bathtub, it’s almost inevitable that water will get elsewhere, including the floor and sink top. So how do we ensure that nothing is getting damaged? It may not be possible to have a completely water resistant bathroom, but there are ways to protect the flooring, shower walls, and sink tops from getting damaged from excess moisture.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be listing out the best, most water resistant bathroom tiles. If you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation or are beginning the planning process of building your home, making sure you bathroom is safe from water damage, including the growth of mold and mildew, is a priority.

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Any type of house renovation is exciting. You’re most likely eager to jump into the project, but before you do so, it’s important that you come up with a plan. In addition to figuring out what aesthetic you want to go for and what designs you want to incorporate, you also need to make sure you’re thinking about functionality, and especially so when you’re working on a bathroom renovation. Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, it’s critical to select the proper materials that are durable and reliable. For example, if you have a lot of dogs and you bath them at home, you’re going to want to make sure that your shower and bath area, as well as the floors are able to handle lots of water. Thus, picking water resistant bathroom tiles should be at the top of your list.

It is important to note that even though you may have found your ideal water resistant bathroom tile, the grout that you choose will not be. When you begin the installation process, be sure to use a grout sealant to ensure that the grout between the tiles remains as water resistant as possible. There is no point in installing water resistant tiles if the grout isn’t.

Cement Flooring

Cement flooring is an innovative way of ensuring you bathroom flooring stays water resistant, while also maintaining a sleek and trendy aesthetic.

Porcelain Tiling

Porcelain tiles are very water resistant, due to their low water absorption rate. Don’t believe us? Well, porcelain tiling is often used around swimming pools. Yep, case in point. Porcelain is such a great option because not only will it stay in pristine condition, but it looks gorgeous in the process. As a versatile bathroom tiling option, you can find the perfect style for you and your dream bathroom, no matter what color scheme you’re working with. If you have small kiddos or pets who you bathe in your tub or shower, porcelain tiling is your best option for optimal water resistance on your floors. Find your dream porcelain tiling on our site.

Ceramic Tiling

Porcelain and ceramic are related to each other, meaning that ceramic tiling is also water resistant. While porcelain has a lower water absorption rate, ceramic tiling is also a good choice for bathroom floors. If you’re noticing that your bathroom floors are getting more wet during your showers than the inside of your bathtub is, it might be time to install ceramic or porcelain tiling.



The tile on your bathroom wall is an important part of the look and feel of your bathroom. Not only that, but you’ll want it to be as functional as possible. To ensure that your bathroom walls stay safe from water damage while also maintaining a beautiful aesthetic, look below to find the best materials.

Granite Tiling

While not completely waterproof, granite is durable and resistant to acids. Since it’s pretty difficult to stain granite, this natural stone is an excellent choice for showers and bathroom walls.

Marble Tiling

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones out there. Often used on kitchen and sink countertops, marble is not only stunning, but it is water resistant. If you’re a huge fan of marble, then why not incorporate it into your bathroom walls? Not only will you be prioritizing functionality and ensuring that your bathroom walls stay as safe from water damage as possible, but you’ll be investing in a timeless natural stone look.


The backsplash in your bathroom plays an important role. As an aesthetically pleasing design element, it’s important to find a tile that looks good. And since it will be installed in a bathroom, it’s smart to make sure that is as water resistant as possible.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiling is the best option when thinking about a beautiful and functional backsplash. Not only will glass resist the water that will inevitably get splashed on it, but it will look good. The design options for glass are endless, and can add some stunning texture and design to the entirety of your bathroom.

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The Best Water Resistant Bathroom Tile