How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

Let’s face it: having a small bathroom is straight up inconvenient, and even more so when you share it with your partner or multiple family members. Even if you had the bathroom all to yourself, it would be difficult to shuffle around, store your toiletries, and get the most out of your morning and bedtime routines. While we wish there was a way to grow a small bathroom, it’s unfortunately not the case. But before you get too discouraged, there are other options!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing the ways in which you can maximize the space in your small bathroom. Whether you’re looking to remodel the entirety of it, or you’re wanting to re-tile the walls and shower, you can do so in a way that makes the bathroom look bigger, while also getting the most out of the space.

Just because your bathroom isn’t as big as you’d like doesn’t mean you should dread spending time in it. From getting ready in the morning to taking a bubble bath to unwind from a stressful day, your bathroom should be a serene oasis for you to spend some relaxing time in, no matter the amount of space you have available.

So continue reading to learn how you can get the most out of your bathroom, regardless of the size. If you have any questions or want to speak with a professional, contact Transworld Tile today.


Blend Together The Wall And Bathroom Tile Color

When you first get started on your bathroom remodel, you’re going to want to pick a color scheme. First, figure out what type of space you want to create. Do you want something refreshing, airy, and light? If so, you’ll want to opt for lighter and brighter neutrals. If you want something with more texture, you’ll want to go with darker neutrals. Either way, pick a color scheme and stick to it. Don’t mix dark and light colors. You’ll then be creating contrast, which adds depth and makes the space look and feel smaller and more cramped. Once you select a color scheme for paint, find bathroom tiles that are of the same tone, color, or value. If you want to contrast the tiles from the paint, do so by selecting a unique pattern or material, rather than a darker color. Adhering to a color scheme throughout the entire bathroom will make it feel more blended and less chopped up, allowing for a more visually open space.

Tile Up To The Ceiling In Your Shower

Bathroom tile is an important aspect in any bathroom renovation, and it’s one that you don’t want to forgo. Whether you use bathroom tiles as a backdrop or you do it only in your shower, you’re going to want to include tile somewhere. Not only can tiling be aesthetically pleasing, but it can provide some texture and contrast throughout the space. If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom, a good trick is to tile your shower up to the ceiling. Rather than partially tiling up the wall, use your bathroom tiles all the way to the ceiling. This expands the wall, making it feel more expansive and spacious than before.  

Utilize Natural Light As Much As Possible

There is nothing better than natural light in a bathroom. Not only is this an excellent solution for opening up and expanding the limited space, but a little light from the sun is wondrous to wake up to and get reading in during your morning routine. If you are capitalize on any natural light flooding into your bathroom, change your dark window coverings to a translucent window shade. You’ll still be ensuring your privacy without blocking out any of the light. However, not every bathroom has windows. If you are unable to usher in any natural light, consider installing a skylight. Any type of natural light will do wonders for a small bathroom.

Get A Big Mirror

When you’re designing your bathroom in a way that maximizes the limited space, a good place to pay attention to is the mirrors. A big mirror can do wonders to a small bathroom, creating a more expansive, spacious, and light environment. If you can, install a mirror that extends to the ceiling, and then place lighting at the top. This simple trick will make your small bathroom grow. Plus, a large mirror is regal and oh-so-much fun.

Take Advantage Of Recessed Cabinets And Shower Walls

Many bathrooms have cabinets that are mounted on the wall. If you’re dealing with a small bathroom, the protrusion of a cabinet can take up valuable space. A good solution for this problem is to recess the cabinetry into the walls. During the renovation, carve out a space in the wall, create some shelves, and use it as storage. Not only will you be saving yourself space, you’ll be opening up the entire bathroom, while also adding a unique design element. You can even add in a recessed shelf to your shower to place shampoo and soap bottles, if you would like a more open space in there too.


Here at Transworld Tile, we understand that there isn’t anything quite frustrating as a small, cramped bathroom. That’s why we are proud to offer quality bathroom tiles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. When you meet with one of our team members for your free consultation, they will be able to provide insight into how you can use bathroom tiles to create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is.

If you’re tired of your tiny bathroom space, don’t wait any longer to reach out to Transworld Tile. As a Top Rated Local® Tile & Design Service, we have the team members and quality products that are necessary to create the bathroom of your dreams, no matter the size. If you live in the San Fernando and surrounding area, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and to get a quote.

How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom