Million Dollar Look, Part 3: Stone Flooring

The key to capturing a million dollar look is standing out. Nearly every home renovation staple found in homes these days began in what was once a million dollar renovation; part of creating a truly impressive home design is to do something different, simply put: show people something they weren’t expecting as they walk through the door. Flooring is a commonly defaulted subject for many high-end design, as many renovators feel their only choice for a high end finish is to select an expensive type of hardwood. In reality, hardwood floors are not a foregone conclusion, and many million dollar designs are including stone flooring for a number of reasons.


The possibilities for customization are nearly endless when it comes to stone flooring, which makes it a very viable alternative to other types of flooring. Some of the strengths your design receives when paired with a stone flooring are:

Easily tie-in colors and contrast – Stone flooring shines when used to accent other design color choices within the space, and since stone flooring can come in multiple colors, hues, sizes, patterns, etc., it is nearly endlessly able to meet the demands of any high-end color pallette.

Interest for the eye – Since the pattern you choose for your floor is almost entirely customizable, it is possible to create a pattern that draws the eye to certain key features or that provides interest alone, especially in large spaces.

Stone floors are tough – Stone is incredibly resistant to most forms of damage that other flooring types may fall victim to, which makes stone a great long-term investment in your home’s design.

If you are considering stone or slate flooring for your flooring, be sure to give us a call or stop in to speak with our professional staff, and find the right tile and pattern for your San Fernando project today!

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Million Dollar Look, Part 3: Stone Flooring