Million Dollar Look, Part 2: Shower Soap Dish

When striving for the million dollar look in your home, the difference is truly in the details. While a renovation can easily get expensive during the planning and construction stage, it is crucial to invest time and money in the finishes that will really wow anyone that steps foot in the room. Typically, the largest difference between a million dollar look and a typical renovation is found in the selection of finishes and minor details applied. A new trend that has appeared in high-end bathroom renovation is a tiled soap dish in the shower, which is becoming increasingly common in spa-like master bathrooms. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, you should definitely consider a tiled soap dish in your design for the following reasons:


Any seasoned real estate agent will tell you: whenever someone can walk into a room and picture themselves in it, it’s as good as sold. Modern soap dishes are elegant and increasingly practical, as many are large enough to hold numerous bottles of product. This simple addition in a bathroom wall tile job gives guests, potential buyers, and even your family a way to picture themselves using the shower.


When choosing how to lay out your bathroom wall tiles you can elect to use a different tile or differing pattern for the interior of the soap dish, providing immediate contrast to the room. This look immediately gives a high-end, craftsman appearance to the renovation. Even if your pattern carries throughout the soapdish, the differing texture created by the 3-dimensional effect of the change in wall topography breaks up the space and is pleasing to the eye.

When selecting tile for your bathroom renovation, be sure to give us a call or stop in to speak with our professional staff, and find the right tile for your San Fernando project today!

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Million Dollar Look, Part 2: Shower Soap Dish