7 Million-dollar Luxury Bathroom Styles

Luxury can be defined in one word: the bathroom. How you feel when you enter your bathroom every morning is enough to set the tone for the day. Your environment, in all aspects, needs to reflect your lifestyle. Your bathroom is no different. At Transworld Tile, we know that you deserve the highest quality materials the world has to offer, and we’re here to make sure you and your project manager get it.

You’ll find in this article seven million dollar luxury bathroom styles you can take inspiration from to create your own version. Designing your own, unique bathroom space? We can help with that, too. A space needs to make you feel a certain way, not just fit certain trends.



A chic, cool master bathroom offers a mixture of marble and other natural stone. The bathroom features take hexagonal and other geometric shapes. Each feature is standalone but ties into the overall feel of the space. Add in some chic accessories, and you’ve got yourself a luxurious gray retreat.


Cold flooring on bare feet is the worst feeling. That’s why the first feature mentioned in this tech savvy spa is the heated floor. From the floor to the ceiling, the entire bathroom is inundated with tech that makes your time in the space that much easier. The steam shower, remote-controlled toilet, and voice command lighting make for the ultimate bathroom experience. What’s more, the floor is made of large marble tiles, as well as the wall in large stone tiles. Want to feel as though you’re bathing in the future? Give this bathroom style a try.


Do you want to flow through your bathroom, as well as offer your eye an elegant yet engaging space? A refined contemporary bathroom is in your future. The airy, bright master bathroom in this style offers a true retreat from it all. The vanities float, the tub is solo, and the design is minimal. If you want a luxurious bathroom with minimal features but maximum emotional effect, choose refined contemporary.


Replace privacy with intimacy. An open bathroom removes the wall between it and the master bedroom. A freestanding tub is in the center of the space with vanities flanking the tub. Beyond the tub is a wall-to-wall open shower that invites its use. Shapes and colors complement one another with a hint of contrast to spark energy throughout the space. If you’re looking for intimate bathroom space, the open bathroom style is your best choice.


Do you consider yourself swanky? A seamless bathroom style removes all the grooves, lines, and inherent separations between wall, floor, and features. Typically, a seamless bathroom utilizes marble and other natural stones that display intense color-veins. Light is played off mirrors and sound is considered a viable tool to liven up the space. Your impeccable taste should include your bathroom space. Choose a seamless style.


A modern bathroom design offers a soothing spa experience. Nothing demands your attention away from how you’re feeling as you take in the colors, materials, and features. This modern style is class. Few, high luxury items are included in the bathroom to make the space functional. If you know what you want, the modern bathroom style is a great choice. 


A warm, homey feeling is a great way to start the day. With small cottage charm, you can create the emotion of rolling hills and small gardens. With natural colors and textured tile, the space will take on a personality of its own. Bathroom features are purely functional, which adds to the cottage charm. If a weekend away from the city entices you, a small cottage charm style is a fantastic bathroom option.


As the experts in the tile industry, Transworld Tile is here to deliver the highest quality materials to your bathroom redesign. You will find that our wide selection of bathroom tiles can fit any luxury bathroom style need. What’s more, you can call or visit our showroom today to find exactly what you need.

7 Million-dollar Luxury Bathroom Styles