3 Surprising Bathroom Tile Trends For The Next Decade

When you renovate or remodel your bathroom, you’re making an investment in your home. Not only will you get a beautiful new bathroom, but you will increase the value of your property if ever you decide to sell. A great way to update your bathroom inexpensively is to focus on the tile. The bathroom floor and wall tiles are the accents to your other defining features, which makes them super important. An updated wall or floor tile can make any old collection of bathroom features look brand new — or at least newer than they were prior to the update.

 What you’ll discover in this article are three bathroom trends that will surprise you, because they will still look great in 10 years. What’s more, these trends have survived the test of time. Remember mark which trends you like the most, so that when you visit your local Transworld Tile showroom, you can let them know the style and pattern you’re going for.



Do you want to inject a fresh, new look into your bathroom? Go with patterned tile. Not only will you give the space a splash of sophistication, but you will also find that patterns complement and contrast bathroom features quite naturally.

 A trend within the pattern tile world is cement tile. If you decide to go with patterned cement tile, you will pay a little more than your typical tile cost. Cement tile is a bit more expensive but for good reason; it lasts longer, and it’s been around for centuries, decorating bathrooms all over the world.

 Want to connect your bathroom to antiquity and add a flare rarely found in modern bathrooms? Then patterned bathroom tile is the best choice for you.


As you continue your search for bathroom tile, you will come across glass tile. Now, it’s considered a trend because new colors, styles, and patterns consistently hit the market every single year — sometimes every single quarter. One worry that homeowners have is that glass tile sold in box stores is no longer “in style.”

 Let Transworld Tile be the first to tell you, glass tile is more than a trend; it’s a tradition. Yes, new colors bring glass tile back into the light, but the history behind glass tile is what keeps it as a classic. Add some ancient class with a modern twist to your bathroom. Choose glass tile.


Subway tile is like a trend that simply won’t go away. Fashion trends tend to come back around again a few decades later. Subway tile has come back around as a trend at least once, and it continues to return every decade.

 What makes subway tile so trendy is its ability to be boring and beautiful at the same time. The tile offers a bland solution to a sophisticated problem. However, the handcrafted nature of subway tile continues to catch the attention of designers and homeowners all across the country.

 If you want a consistent classic that continues to trend, subway tile is your best choice. 


Now that you’re aware of three bathroom tile trends that will last a decade, you can make the best decision for your bathroom renovation or remodel. There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying your bathroom after an update. Every little detail is as it should be.

 It’s time you take the next step in your bathroom tile journey. Transworld tile serves San Fernando, Thousand Oaks, and greater Los Angeles with the best tile in the area. We’ve been around for more than 31 years, and we strive to deliver the highest quality materials at the best prices. Give us a call or visit our showroom today!

3 Surprising Bathroom Tile Trends For The Next Decade