Using Extra Kitchen Backsplash Tile

If you’ve recently installed a kitchen tile backsplash, then you likely have a few pieces of tile leftover. It is normal to order a little extra to account for odd cuts or mistakes, especially if you’re doing it yourself. If everything went better than expected, and you’re now wondering how to use up the extra tiles you have laying around, check out these ingenious tips before you throw them out.



If your refrigerator fits right into your cabinetry, then you probably have a part of your fridge’s side that is visible. Obviously, this isn’t the most appealing look in history. By using a piece of plywood the size of your fridge’s side between it and the cabinets, you create a surface upon which you can tile, effectively extending your backsplash in an “L” shape and covering your refrigerators side. Just be sure to hide the edge of the plywood from the front using paint or trim that matches your cabinetry. Of course, you could just tile onto your refrigerator’s side, but that is less than ideal.


If you have a small amount of backsplash tile left, filling a deep picture frame with the tile gives you a perfect canvas to decorate upon. Best of all, putting this little piece in a room near the kitchen will tie the two rooms together in a unique, and almost entirely free way. Depending on the backsplash you’ve used, this could create a ready-to-use decoration or require a bit more dolling up to be ready for hanging.


One of our absolute favorite uses for kitchen backsplash tile is within a sunken soap dish. Not only does this tiny detail provide contrast and interest to your bathroom, adding a huge amount of value and a clear focal point, but it also joins the two rooms. When your kitchen backsplash tile makes a surprise appearance in another room, it feels like you intentionally designed each room to feel connected, not that you simply had extra tile to use up.


We’ve all had a small glass end table at one point or another, and the glass never seems to last as long as the metal frame that holds it. You can use leftover kitchen backsplash tile on a thin sheet of plywood to make an incredibly cool indoor/outdoor end table that matches your kitchen at almost no cost. This neat accent is so perfect for an off-the-kitchen patio, you may end up wanting extra kitchen tile just to make one. Best of all, the surface is made from kitchen tiles, so it is naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean.


Our experienced tile professionals are excited for the opportunity to help you pick the kitchen backsplash tile that will best fit your dream kitchen, with or without a little extra for a future DIY project. Visit us in person or check out some of our kitchen tiles online now.

Using Extra Kitchen Backsplash Tile