Tile Pattern Spotlight: Mosaic

There are a nearly immeasurable amount of options for bathroom tiles, especially when the patterns with which the tiles are laid is factored into the equation. One of the most classic looks available, dating to ancient times, is mosaic. Mosaic features a large amount of small tiles that form a larger display, and it was once used as a way to decorate walls of ancient Roman buildings. This pattern has hung around for thousands of years but is admittedly considered one of the least chosen types in modern US designs. Mosaic still has the ability to impress; it just has to be used tastefully and correctly.


While mosaic was once known for taking up entire walls of homes or large expanses of flooring, this look has fallen largely out of style in contemporary design. Today’s designs prominently feature “clean lines,” as they are called, with large, symmetrical stone tile, long hardwood flooring planks, crisp cut stone countertops, and perfectly rectangular subway tile backsplashes. It does seem odd, however, since mosaic tile work perfectly creates larger symmetrical imagery and can tie in large blank spaces with an interesting focal point. This is where opportunity lies for the bold 21st century designer to include what is considered a dated element seamlessly into a contemporary design.


It is important to only apply mosaic tile patterns in moderation, but when used correctly, they can amplify the other tile work in your bathroom. Mosaic works especially well when used as a focal point in a small or isolated area that would otherwise be blank space. For instance, a mosaic soap dish can draw attention to an already awesome feature in your bathroom renovation, but having the entire wall as mosaic may date the project before it is even completed. With a moderate and careful application, this classic design can tie in your modern design.


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Tile Pattern Spotlight: Mosaic