The Important Role Bathroom Tile Plays

Whether we realize it or not, our bathrooms play an integral role in our homes, and they are a room that we spend a lot of our time. It’s easy to brush these small rooms aside when considering the overall design and functionality of a house, but they are an important asset to the overall value of your home. Perhaps you’re in the process of renovating and are wanting to give your bathroom a well-needed upgrade, or perhaps you’re in the midst of building your own home and are wanting to make your bathroom a special place. Either way, you’ve found yourself in the right spot.

Here at Transworld Tile, we are committed to providing our customers will outstanding products for their home improvement projects. From backsplashes, walls, flooring, and bathroom tiles, we excel in every project we perform, and we do it with the highest quality of customer service. As a Top Rated Local® Tile & Design Service, we’re not content with the status quo, but we strive to exceed customer expectations as we provide them with the products they need to achieve their dream improvement.

We believe that your bathroom should be your oasis. From showering to brushing our teeth to getting ready for a fun night out with your friends, the majority of time spent in the bathroom is exciting. No one wants to do their hair or put on their makeup or take a bubble bath in a bathroom with poor features. If you’re wanting to create a warm and inviting space, our bathroom tile services are here to help.


Bathroom tiles might not be the first feature you notice when you walk into your bathroom, as opposed to the shower door or curtain, or even the sink faucet. But tiles create an ambiance that carries through the entire space.

With the right bathroom tiles, you can achieve the ambience you desire. Do you want a more light and airy feel? Then you’re going to want to opt for white, tan, and light neutral tiles. If you’re wanting a more textured, unique pattern that is airy and refreshing, a marbled tile might be perfect for your bathroom vision. Maybe you want something a little edgier with more depth and design. If this is the case, then you’ll want to look for a lighter tile with darker stone features breaking it up, or even Mexican tile patterns.


The first step to choosing the perfect bathroom tile is to figure out what ambience you’re going for. What feel do you want your space to have? Do you want something more refreshing and light, or do you want something with more depth and texture? Do you want intricate patterns on the bathroom tiles, or do you want something clean and bright? Do you want ceramic tiles, glass tiles, or do you prefer the look of tumbled slate? When you choose to work with Transworld Tile, you can rest easy knowing that we have the options you need to make an educated decision before you begin tiling your bathroom.

Whatever you choose, you can trust that Transworld Tile has the pieces you need to bring to life the vision you have for your bathroom.

Once you’ve figured out the look and feel you’re trying to achieve, the next step is to give Transworld Tile a call to get the process started. If you have any questions or want to speak with a professional on our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

You don’t begin your bathroom remodeling without us. Give Transworld Tile a call today to get a free quote.

The Important Role Bathroom Tile Plays