The Clean Lines Rubberband

Contemporary style is all about clean lines. This is perhaps most clearly defined by the pointed architecture of the staple “fully contemporary” home, equipped with a single angled aluminum roof and nothing but cleanly angled lines. Less dramatic examples can be found inside more ordinary homes across the country in rooms used everyday: Sharp angled countertops, tile that is symmetrical and flat, etc. The interesting thing about this push for clean, organized lines is that the end of this craze could quite possibly result in a “rubberband effect,” causing the style to swing wildly toward more depth, texture, and chaotic patterns.


An interesting thing happens when a trend sticks around for too long: The pendulum swings wildly backward. This happens when neighbors visit home after home in their neighborhood with designs that look to have been cut-and-pasted from one home to the next; the colors and floor plan may be a little different, but the look and feel are eerily similar. Naturally, we all want our home to look and feel unique, which can cause some of us to opt for a dramatically different design than our neighbors. This driving force leads to trends taking a 180-degree turn from dramatic points in design trends, such as the crisp and clean line craze. Something has to fill the vacuum left by this uniquely 21st-century style, and we believe we know what it will be.


transworld1While we can’t hope to predict what overarching architectural feature will define the next generation of style and design, we definitely believe that it will be composed of many components that mirror the current style in contrast, such as textures, patterns, bright colors, and more intricate shapes. This is exciting for the world of kitchen tiles, especially for backsplashes, as the current popularity of simplistic subway tiles does little to challenge the possibilities of backsplash tile. Even just a change in material from a white porcelain look toward a differing material, such as a clay or metallic look, can create a dramatic difference in presentation. Little changes, such as these, made by individual homeowners across the country, and right here in Thousand Oaks, are what will usher in the next wave of style for kitchen tiles and architecture alike.


Your choices for kitchen tile backsplashes likely aren’t as limited as you may believe. By choosing to think outside of the clean lines, sterile feeling, and neutral colors that are trendy for the moment, you can create a design that is uniquely distinct from what buyers and guests will expect to see from a house renovated at this time. When done correctly, this can give your home an incredible amount of lasting power in terms of value, as you won’t be tied to a look that will undoubtedly become dated. After all, fortune favors the bold, and nothing says bold like differing colors and textures!


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The Clean Lines Rubberband