Porcelain Or Glass: Which Should You Choose?

Your heart is set on putting some new tile flooring down in your new home. That’s great news! But what material will you choose? If you’ve narrowed it down to porcelain or glass, there are a few things you will want to consider:


Porcelain tiles are typically a little more expensive than glass tiles since they are made from purified and refined clay. However, when it comes to choosing porcelain, you get durability with your floor tiles.


Most porcelain is made in a similar way, so you know the quality of the porcelain you are buying is consistent with other porcelain options. The clay in the porcelain guarantees that it will be resistant to general wear and will not be damaged through any harsh temperature changes. However, all glass is made differently. At Transworld Tile, we have high-quality glass, but we can’t promise that everyone else does, too. Some glass tiles will be quite durable while others can chip if you drop something sharp onto them.


Porcelain tiles can come in beautiful colors and designs, but glass allows even more creative freedom when it comes to designing your space. Since glass tiles are much less expensive than porcelain, you can feel free to experiment with designs and styles on your floor without breaking your budget.

So what’s the best choice? That comes down to your budget and where the tiles will be placed. In the bathroom, glass tiles may be a good choice as there is very little that will damage the tiles in the bathroom. Porcelain may be the better choice in the kitchen where items are more likely to be dropped. Whatever you decide, Transworld Tile in San Fernando has everything you need to design your perfect floor.

Porcelain Or Glass: Which Should You Choose?