Mosaic Designs Using Floor Tiles


What’s so fantastic about tile flooring is the fact that you can be very creative with how you design your floors. Tiles can be molded and carved into geometric shapes that are quite easy to make designs with. Transworld Tiles is all in support of helping you create the kitchen or bathroom floor that’s sure to impress all of your San Fernando neighbors. If you want to make a splash with your tile flooring and need some creative inspiration, look no further than today’s post. The experts here at your favorite floor tile company have some quirky ideas inspired by some of our favorite things:


What tops a great day off better than a vivid sunset setting over the horizon? Transworld Tiles absolutely loves the red and orange hues emitted by sunsets, so why not implement this look into our floor tiles? With a sunset inspired floor design, you can go a few routes. Either tile your floors to resemble a literal sunset by constructing a sun in the center of your floor. Contrast a lighter base of the sun with a darker swirl in the center (or vice versa). Add in some sunrays and weave the color designs through the rest of the room.

If the literal interpretation of the sunset-inspired floor tile design is too intense, we suggest a more interpretive take. Utilize the color palette and fading hues to create a tile design that embodies a beach or mountain sunset with the floor tiles. Your tile flooring will be radiant and glowing, making any gloomy day feel sunny!


The ocean, vast and deep, is one of Earth’s most magnificent structures. With waves flowing and sunsets reflecting off of the surface, giving it it’s deep blue tone, the ocean provides a grand resource for floor tile decoration inspiration. With this mosaic design, start with a blue tile base and work from there. Either go for a deep dark ocean with a darker shade of blue, or perhaps venture towards the beach with brighter hues. From there, get creative. If you’re sticking with the darker version, try mixing in some navy colors for a swirled design that mimics waves. For a beachy design, mix in some off-white tiles that resemble sand. Transworld Tiles also gives the thumbs up on sticking in some pinkish tiles that look like shells.


After the sun sets, the moon rises. Channel your inner astrologist and use floor tiles to make a mosaic that looks like a galaxy. Similar to the sunset design, we suggest either going with a literal interpretation or something that just resembles the moon and stars. For the literal version, start with a base tile. While black is what space truly is, it could sometimes make your room look way too dark, especially if it’s a larger room, like a kitchen. Our only big suggestion with the base is that it’s darker than the moon and stars. Create a crescent moon and some surrounding stars with the tiles, adding in a darker mix for added contrast and depth.

A looser interpretation of this design is to mix several shades of off white as the base tiles and create patterns with the black floor tiles so that your floor looks out of this world.


Flowers are a wonderful component to any home exterior or interior, so why not add flowers to your tile flooring? Because all flowers look so different, you have thousands of options when it comes to making a floralesque mosaic with floor tiles. Start with a more neutral base, like an off white, and use a brighter color to form floral like patterns. Either make actual flowers or go for something different that resembles flowers! It is your flooring after all! Go all out with bright bunches or keep it mellow with lighter pastels. The end result is sure to be absolutely stunning.

 We hope these design ideas were inspiring and that you’re ready to design the tile flooring masterpiece we know you’re capable. For tiles and tile flooring services, contact Transworld Tile today and we’ll help you out! Thanks and see you again soon!

Mosaic Designs Using Floor Tiles