Kitchen Renovation Dos & Don’ts, Part 3

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, where we talk about some basic dos and don’ts surrounding your kitchen renovation, including scheduling, contracts, permits, and more; once you’re caught up, read on for the final installment, Part 3, here!

Once you have the groundwork laid for your renovation, it’s time to start making (even more) decisions. In fact, as your renovation ramps up toward completion, you’ll find you’re making even more decisions than you could have ever assumed possible at the onset. Transworld Tile, your home for San Fernando and Thousand Oaks kitchen tiles, has compiled these dos and don’ts that can prove crucial in your future kitchen:



While there are some things that you can offhandedly answer when contractors come to you, such as “yes, I still want the garbage pullout, even if it’s going to cost a little more,” or “no, we don’t want to save money by carpeting the bathroom,” but there will be questions asked that you hadn’t ever thought to consider. In these situations, it is best not to make a snap decision, with or without your spouse or partner’s consent. Often, these little decisions can have huge consequences on the final design, simply because of the domino effect that making one unplanned change can have; furthermore, your contractors and subcontractors may notice that you’re willing to make snap decisions and use that to cut a corner, take an easier route, or, sadly, rip you off. Whatever you do, always make sure that you take time to think about any decision you make that can influence the final design; sleep on it if you have to.


While planning ahead can make for a stunning design that ties together colors, patterns, and styles to express what your home means to your family, there are still decisions to make beyond materials. For instance, when your kitchen backsplash tiles come in, you’ll have to decide how you want them formatted, what pattern to lay the tiles in, and exactly which spaces you want to shine the most; simple decisions like this can elevate already great kitchen tiles into a truly breathtaking showpiece. We want to challenge you to think a little outside of the box and be brave enough to ask “could we do it like this?” Since this is your home, it should feel unique to you and your family, so have some fun in considering ways to truly put your stamp on the design. One last piece of advice: Always give your contractors a heads up about these subtle changes before it becomes a problem and never wait until something is installed to decide you don’t like it!


Today, we’ve added an extra “Do,” simply because it can’t be stressed highly enough: If something isn’t quite right, speak up right away! A huge mistake that homeowners commonly make is trying not to disrupt the renovation process by voicing their concerns, sometimes not even to their spouse or partner; this can lead to tremendous renovator’s remorse and really put a funk over the entire renovation. By speaking up right away, yes, you will inconvenience someone — someone that you’re paying to be there; by not speaking up, you could end up with a finish product that either needs further work or will never feel quite right. If you have the epiphany that you wish you would have had yesterday today, then why wait until tomorrow to speak up? Take your renovation, and your home, into your own hands by having a clear voice throughout the process. Remember: Your contractors can’t read your mind, you have to tell them what you want (even if it’s too late), or they’ll never know.


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Kitchen Renovation Dos & Don’ts, Part 3