How Do The Different Types Of Flooring Compare?

Most homes have a variety of floor types to complement various rooms. From carpet in a bedroom to floor tiles in the kitchen, choosing the right floor for the space and overall feel that you’re trying to exemplify can be a unique challenge.

We’re here to help you choose the best flooring for all your spaces. Take a look at this handy flooring guide to help you upgrade all your interior, and maybe even exterior, flooring needs.


When you choose tile flooring, you’re opting for flooring that is easy to clean and many types of flooring remain exceptionally durable. The sheer variety of tile options from material to color and size is astounding. Tile is ideal for areas that will need to be cleaned regularly or areas exposed to heat such as surfaces around fireplaces. Even outdoor patio spaces can benefit from tile flooring with the proper glaze to help keep them stain resistant. One drawback to keep in mind is that the smaller the tile size, the more grout there will to clean, which can be difficult. While a kitchen backsplash doesn’t often need deep cleaning, choosing a larger sized tile for your bathroom floor will reduce the amount of grout to clean.


On the more expensive side, hardwood floors have a timeless feel that many people will pay more for to have them in living spaces in a home. The beauty of a good hardwood floor is that they will last and can be refinished multiple times to repair or update your flooring. Much like tile, hardwood is easy to clean but must be cleaned appropriately to make sure the finish will last. There are a variety of hardwood floor types for different levels of durability and different styles. These can be perfect for main living spaces with a beautiful area rug.


Carpet tends to be a popular choice across the nation, especially for bedrooms or main rooms. While carpet is easy to install, it can be exceptionally hard to keep thoroughly clean as well as not having the same level of durability that you will find in tile floors or hardwoods. But unlike other flooring options, carpet is one of the only soft choices. Yes, you can always put down area rugs on tile or hardwoods but carpet does tend to provide the cozy feel for common living spaces.


This typically inexpensive option is a synthetic polymer that many individuals will choose for bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms. Because vinyl flooring is exceptionally easy to clean and inexpensive, it can be a popular option. But for just a little bit more money, someone could opt for tile floors that will last much longer and retain their value. For a quick, cheap, and short-term flooring option, vinyl might be the way to go.


For a truly exquisite floor, a variety of stone types are available including limestone, granite, marble, and slate for a truly durable flooring option. Though expensive and labor intensive, stone flooring options will last a lifetime and stand up against most stains or scratching.

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How Do The Different Types Of Flooring Compare?