Geometric Bathroom Tile

One incredible trend that is forming in bathroom tiles style is the use of geometric patterns that challenge our current ideas for shape, color, and texture of walls, showers, and even floors. We’re loving this new trend, as it uses tiles’ ability to hold color to the fullest. Find out more about the next big thing you’ll be seeing in your friends’ bathrooms.



Expect to see hexagons and octagons taking over style design in bathrooms. The timid or traditionalists will stick to a white porcelain tile, basically a hexagonal subway tile; the bolder folks out there will see this stop-sign shape as perfect way to showcase the possibilities of geometric design in tile. Either way, gone are the day of non-’gon tile.


Dizzying though it may sound, these geometric tiles are quickly approaching kaleidoscope territory. You’ll see dazzling geometric shapes intermingling within the tiles, creating lines of color and texture spanning numerous directions, greatly expanding spaces and creating nothing short of a wow factor. The best part about a kaleidoscope is how a small pop of color can transform the entire image; something like a strip of red or blue amidst a field of greys, whites, and blacks can create an amazing effect.


This isn’t a joke; geometric bathroom tiles have become such a widespread phenomena that people have actually created a trend, which is taking “Feet Floor Selfies”. These selfies highlight interesting geometric colors and styles as seen from the selfie-taker’s point-of-view looking downward at their feet. By investing in the right geometric patterns, colors, and styles, your bathroom flooring could become (somewhat) famous online!


The best part about this trend is how it boldly looks in the face of what we know to be true. These tiles can be triangular in shape, looking at a single tile you would have no idea that it would form 3 separate hexagons in completely different colors when correctly configured with 6 more tiles. As interesting as that sounds, an entire floor of these tiles can challenge everything you know to be true about shapes, leaving you seeing colors before hexagons, until you finally notice the triangles. Needless to say, these tiles are a far cry from the laminate tile floors in your first apartment.


As mentioned above, these geometric patterns don’t have to absolutely re-invent what it means to see a bathroom, but can still go far-and-above what your guests have ever seen in a prior bathroom. The best part about this new trend is how the user can choose their level of daring, and easily find a patterned tile that fits accordingly. In fact, using similar floor and wall tiles can create completely different effects, allowing for users to mix-and-match bold colors or patterns with a somewhat subdued complementary alternative.


You can find a geometric design for any taste or style amidst this new trend. By taking a traditional look and giving it a new shape or texture, you can retain a vintage look with a modern twist. Likewise, fully modern bathroom tiles can be accompanied by more traditional fixtures, flooring, and vanities for balance. With these tiles, you’re limited only by your imagination and creativity.



Our experienced tile professionals are excited for the opportunity to help you pick the tile that will best fit your personal tastes and bathroom space, whether that means a simple geometric pattern or a wildly re-imagined design that will leave a lasting memory in any guest’s mind.

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Geometric Bathroom Tile