Benefits Of Slate Flooring

Slate flooring creates an air of magnificence that is rarely matched by other flooring type, and it can last an incredibly long time when properly installed and cared for. Because of its impossibly high level of water resistance, fire resistance, and overall longevity, slate has long been a coveted flooring type. Now, slate is more affordable than ever and has steadily increased in popularity throughout California.

Slate is a long-lasting material. For those brave enough to take on the cost of slate roofing, they enjoy a roofing system that can last upwards of 150 years without being replaced, easily 5 times longer than other roofing types. A similar story is true for slate flooring, it is not uncommon for slate flooring to remain in homes throughout multiple generations and families, which can’t be said about many flooring types. Installing slate flooring is an investment in your home’s future, perhaps even beyond your time there.


One reason that slate flooring is able to last so long is because of its naturally resistant nature. Slate doesn’t allow staining and damaging moisture to enter throughout its rugged surface, keeping even tough stains from leaving a lasting mark. Another perk for the surface of slate flooring is found in its soft, smooth texture. It feels great to stand and walk upon, even when barefoot. Another interesting benefit is that slate is naturally slip-resistant, especially compared to many other stone flooring types.


Slate flooring is diverse, and this leads to a “something for everyone” situation. Regardless of your budget or style, there is like a slate flooring that would work well with your design. In fact, there are almost limitless possibilities for how slate can look, feel, and function in your space. As a flooring type, it is limited only to the amount you wish to look for differing price points, styles, colors, etc.


Along a similar vein to the many options for style, there is far more options when one considers using slate flooring in alternating colors or styles to create a pattern. By patterning your slate flooring, you can achieve an incredible and unforgettable effect. The slight variations found in the stone’s texture, colors, and marbling can make for a unique, one-of-a-kind flooring in your home.


Slate flooring is interesting. It creates incredible depth using shadows, marbling, and rich colors. Plus, with a slightly textured surface, it can just appear different than any flooring your guests have likely ever seen. Many slate flooring tiles feature deep marbling effects that form over hundreds or thousands of years.


Be sure to check out Transworld Tile for all of your slate flooring needs. We have the selection necessary for any effect you may be going for in your San Fernando home. Picking slate flooring requires foresight and an eye for matching colors and textures, which is why our friendly, professional staff is well-trained to help you pick the slate flooring that will exceed all of your expectations.

Benefits Of Slate Flooring