6 Surprising Remodel Mistakes Made With Small Bathrooms

Ready to update your bathroom? Has it been a few years since you put in bathroom tile? It can be difficult to design a functional bathroom space, as well as remodel the entire space from scratch. What you want to avoid is focusing on form over function. The function of your bathroom features are mandatory when it comes to a bathroom remodel.

Once you have the function determined, you can then alter the layout and form of the space. Without proper function of all your bathroom features, you will find that you cannot use your bathroom, no matter how nice it looks. Before you dive into your project, consider these six surprising mistakes that are made during small bathroom remodel projects.



This can relate to style, design, and aesthetics. A small bathroom is hard enough to design, and it’s even more difficult to remodel. You have such a small space to work with, and there are only one or two layouts that will work to accomplish the function. In this situation, most homeowners would submit to the notion that there is nothing new they can do to change their bathroom. Don’t make the mistake of not getting creative. How can you lay the new tile to make the space look larger? How can you update the sink feature to give the space a more modern feel? What can you do to the shower feature to make it look and feel more luxurious? Ask yourself what you can do with the space instead of what the space is not allowing you to do.


A huge mistake small bathroom remodel projects make is using standard features. You have a small space, why not utilizing unique, creative features to focus the attention away from the size of the room? It’s a great way to create curiosity and add a little character to your bathroom.


Instead of closing your shower off with a tub and glass door, remove the tub, tile the floor, add a curtain, and enjoy an open-space feel. This will help make the room feel bigger while also adding a creative touch to your showering experience. If you have dividing walls anywhere in your small bathroom, remove them. The more open you can make the space look, the bigger it will feel.


White is a beautiful color, but too much of it will make a space look much smaller. Instead, use white to accent other colors in your bathroom. A small space does not need to feel smaller. In fact, if you can make the space feel larger, it’s a bonus. White should be used as a decorative or accent color in a small bathroom to avoid the “shrinking” feeling when in the room.


A small bathroom is just that: small. Installing larger features in a small bathroom only makes the space feel smaller. You may be going for more storage or more counter space, and you will get it. But you also make yourself and those who use the bathroom feel like their in an extra small space with your extra large counter and storage features. Instead, go for smaller, sleak features that expand the room more.


Mirrors are great as reflective surfaces. In fact, we use them every day to get ready before work and every night before going out on the town. What’s more, a small bathroom can benefit a ton with the use of multiple mirrors in the space. A mirror adds depth to a room. Add more than one mirror, and you get more depth.


At Transworld Tile, we know our tile. In fact, we encourage you to come down to our showroom and let us help you find the best tile for your bathroom remodel project. It can be tough to organize a bathroom remodel, as well as design one. We won’t deny that. But we will tell you that choosing tile does not have to be difficult. Our trained experts on our showroom are great at asking questions and helping you decide on which style, design, and color of tile will work best for your project. Give us a call or stop by our showroom in San Fernando today!

6 Surprising Remodel Mistakes Made With Small Bathrooms