5 Outdoor Projects That Are Perfect For Tile

When you think about various uses for tile around your home, your main thoughts probably revolve around the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. While these are the most common uses for tile design, there are many outdoor uses and projects that can utilize a variety of tile types.

For centuries, glass and ceramic tile have been used as ornate decoration in outdoor gathering places around the world. Don’t let your home be drab and boring but consider these amazing outdoor projects that show off the beauty of tile!


One of the best parts about summer is being able to cook outside on the grill; and as great as just having a grill out back can be, what about having a full outdoor kitchen? If you love to cook, installing a full outdoor kitchen could be your dream come true. An outdoor kitchen would be ideal for rustic, ceramic tile counters to go with your new stainless steel outdoor appliances. Along with beautiful tile counters, don’t forget to choose an easy to clean floor tile to compliment them. Perhaps choose large, smooth tiles to makes the space seem bigger.


If you’re looking for a smaller project to help improve your backyard, installing a covered patio may be the way to go. You will have a covered space outside to enjoy summer breezes without getting burnt. Perhaps create a porch area that is tiled with Italian tumbled stone and then seal it to protect it from the elements. You may  even choose to add a fire pit for a space you can enjoy any time of the day.


Throughout the California area, it is very common to have a personal backyard pool. If you don’t and are considering adding one, or perhaps renovating your current one, don’t forget about the pool deck. Having a beautifully tiled pool deck will make your pool the one all the neighbors want to come visit. Give your deck a little Mexican flare with red-toned Saltillo pavers around the pool for a unique style, making your pool area truly yours.


If you’re looking for a project that is truly unique, consider installing an outdoor bathing area. Whether you’re thinking about a small area to rinse off from time in the pool or a private outdoor bathing area with tub, neither would be complete without the perfect tile to compliment the space.


If you love to garden, it’s time to consider adding some additional features besides plants to help you enjoy your gardening space. If you have terraced garden beds with a stairway or just a beautiful space for a path, come by Transworld Tile to enhance your beautiful space. Consider gathering inspiration from the work of Gaudi in Barcelona!  Our Mexican style tiles will allow you to create an amazing stairway or path that will stand out among the plants your work so hard on.

Tile isn’t just for indoor uses; with the proper installation and sealants, it can be used for amazing outdoor projects too. Contact Transworld Tile for help choosing the right tile for your outdoor project!

5 Outdoor Projects That Are Perfect For Tile