4 Unexpected Places To Tile

Most people know that tiling works great in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. But what you have such a durable and vibrant material, wouldn’t it be fun to tile some unexpected places, too? Here are some of our favorites:


Maybe you wouldn’t tile your kitchen table, but how about a night stand? Or perhaps the coffee table in front of your living room couch? Tiles come in so many different colors, shapes, and patterns that you can customize your table space to become something unique and specific to your decorating style.


You know the vertical space on each one of your steps? This is a great space to tile and add some extra design elements to your home. You could use a colorful pattern or stick with a solid color. If you are more playful, consider doing a different design under each step while adhering to the same color scheme. We are certain your staircase will be complimented frequently!


The space around your fireplace can be a bit plain if you do not already have some sort of brick inlay. Use this space to add a pop of color to a room with white walls or perhaps to bring out your accent colors in the room.


These rugs are fake because they are actually made from tile! If you create a solid border for your tiles and add an intricate design in the middle, this can create the illusion of a rug. This is a great choice if sweeping and mopping is your preferred form of floor clean-up. No need to worry about carpet stains!

If you decide to implement any of these alternative uses for tile in your home, be sure to give the experts at Transworld Tile a call. We would love to help you design your ideal space.

4 Unexpected Places To Tile